Indianapolis Save the Date : Kat + Ben

Happy Friday everyone. It has been a crazy week here in the midwest. We had a huge ice storm earlier in the week that basically paralyzed the entire city. Since we haven’t been above freezing since, all of the ice is still there. Looks like we’re going to be hit with some snow this weekend. While people have been trying to get out and about, we’ve been snuggling up at home and watching Netflix movies.

I wanted to be sure to share the rest of Ben + Kathleen’s save the dates. They were looking for a wedding suite that had a bit of a info graphic/story telling theme. We decided to use the Pantone color for the US Air Force as an accent, and Kat wanted to match the main color to her bridesmaids dresses. We used a mix of typographic styles that will tie into the wedding invitation and they really wanted the save the date to be about them (and the little cartoon versions of  themselves that we created). We kept the back of the design pretty simple since the front was already pretty busy. I can’t wait to share the finished suite.



One response to “Indianapolis Save the Date : Kat + Ben

  1. And we love it! We can’t wait to finalize the invitations :)

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