Design Board : KM Photo Studio

Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful week … Is it just me, or did October totally sneak up on us? The next few weeks are my favorite time of the year. The green leaves will start to turn, and it will officially be ‘sweata weatha’.

Okay, onto the purpose of this post … We’re excited to share the latest design board we have in the works right now. We just started a brand identity project for an amazing photographer, Krystal. Krystal runs KM Photo Studio based in Dallas, TX.

Krystal is quite the lady … She’s a wife, a busy mom, and an awesome photographer. Her style is all about capturing emotion and creating meaningful relationships with her clients. After discussing her rebranding strategy, Krystal is ready to implement a cohesive look to her brand. We’re focusing on bringing natural, modern elements together to create a logo that will compliment Krystal’s personality. We’re super excited to share this project!


3 responses to “Design Board : KM Photo Studio

  1. AH YAY!!!! I’m SO excited to see what you guys come up with! Love Krystal and can’t wait to see the places her new brand identity will help her go! :)

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