Brand Identity : Lauren Wakefield Photography

Friends, I’m so excited to share this branding project we just completed. If you haven’t seen the design board for Lauren Wakefield’s project, be sure to check it out. Lauren is an amazing wedding & portrait photographer. She’s one of my oldest/dearest friends, which means I could be a bit biased, but seriously, she’s so talented. I love looking at her images & reading her blog posts.

As you look through Lauren’s work, there’s something you’ll notice about her clients: they are gorgeous! Her work is timeless, romantic, and authentic. She attracts wonderful clients because she keeps it real and connects with them on a personal level. Lauren is full of life and basically, fabulous. and I knew I wanted to bring all of these elements together to create a design that really reflected her true personality. I am really proud of this project. I’m also so grateful to Lauren for allowing me to create as I wished. She trusted me completely. I’m a happy designer!

Without further adieu … Here’s the final logo:

Isn’t that watercolor effect just dreamy? For printing purposes or watermark type applications, we created a more simple logo for her to use.

Be sure to stop by Lauren’s site and say hello!


5 responses to “Brand Identity : Lauren Wakefield Photography

  1. LOVE that watercolor effect, it gives it a personal touch – which is what she does, so kudos! That shade of pink is spot on, too – just the right side of light and warm.

  2. I’m OBSESSED with this logo! Just absolutely beautiful!!!

  3. it is spectacular…I need a logo desperately and don’t know how to go about making one or finding a graphic designer to make one for me. If you have any suggestions please please please share your wisdom


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