Custom Address Stamp :: The Monterey

If you’ve followed our work for some time, you already know we have quite the liking for hand-written correspondance. When we moved into our new apartment earlier this month, we knew we wanted a way to customize our outgoing mail to reflect our personalities … That’s when our custom return address stamp was dreamt up.

Not only does the stamp look awesome, it’s also versatile. A traditional rubber stamp means you choose the ink color. Also, we can use it as a return address stamp, but also as the main address for mail that needs to be sent back to us by clients.

Our stamp maker has the option of adding a wooden handle, furthering that classic look & feel. We’re excited that these will be available in our shop really soon! Each design will have it’s own name … this one is The Monterey.


One response to “Custom Address Stamp :: The Monterey

  1. I’m IN LOVE with your stamp design!

    We just moved into our first house a month ago and I’ve been looking for something like this. When will your stamp designs hit the shop?!

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