Custom Return Address House Stamp :: E&L

I recently had the pleasure of working with Erik & Laura, a lovely couple in Renton, Washington. I’ve actually known of Laura for as long as I can remember: Her brother and I started kindergarten in the same class, and went all the way through high school together. She was the cool older sister. Fast forward several years, and I connected with Laura through our common love of the vegetarian lifestyle, and the Pacific Northwest.

She and Erik, just bought a lovely little bungalow in Washington. It’s their first home together, and wanted a custom return address stamp to reflect this really exciting piece of their lives. Seeing as though this 1920’s home has so much personality, we tossed around the idea of incorporating it into the project. Eventually we settled on making it the centerpiece of the design. I absolutely love this little stamp!

I love how versatile these stamps are. They can be used on envelopes as return address labels, or on paper as custom stationery.

I am currently taking orders for custom return address stamps. Be sure to contact me, and we’ll get started!


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