Custom Stamps :: Diana Deaver Weddings

I think of my designs like little babies … When I’m done, I send them off with a loving caretaker (my client), and I love watching them grow. Is that a little too deep? Maybe, but it’s true! Diana & Steven of Diana Deaver Weddings wrapped up their branding project by having me design two custom stamps for their marketing materials.

The first was a return address stamp. Diana also does commercial photography, so we created this stamp which could be used for both sides of the business. It’s the perfect size for the back flap of envelopes! It can even be used on the envelopes put in their welcome packet for clients to send contracts back.


Next, I designed a custom logo stamp for them to use EVERYWHERE! Seriously, I always promote the versatility of these stamps, and D&S totally rocked out this stamp.


They bought little muslin bags, filled them with lavender, and attached them to postcards to hand out at a bridal show they’re a part of. Can you imagine what their potential clients will think/feel when they get these in their show bag? The senses that are evoked by a piece like this are crazy, and creates so much brand recognition.


Thanks so Steven & Diana for sharing these images with me … and I am soooo thankful they understand why consistency in branding is so important. Such a joy to be a part of this project!

**Images in this post belong to Diana Deaver Weddings. If you choose to share, please include a link to the original source & give them credit**

2 responses to “Custom Stamps :: Diana Deaver Weddings

  1. I really like your designs they are stunning

  2. Your work is stunning and so creative i envy your talent

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