Design Board : Tiffany Farley

Happy Monday, friends. I am really excited to share a recent project I’m just wrapping up. When I first met Tiffany, I was blown away by the care & thought she had been putting into her new image & brand. She’s an amazing photographer who’s focusing her energy & talent on capturing connection. Her photos are al centered around women & the connections to the loved ones in their lives. I’ll let her share more when we reveal her new brand, but until then, here’s how the new Tiffany Farley brand will feel:

Tiffany loves anything that feels like home. Her new brand needed to feel comfortable & classic. Like, sitting on your front porch in the morning with a warm cup of coffee … just like life is supposed to feel. Since she’s focusing so much on the softer side of life, she wanted a color palette that didn’t feel overwhelming. I am in love with the warmness and softness of these colors.

We’ve already wrapped the logo portion of the project, and I cannot wait to share it soon. Until then, be sure to stop by her current blog to send her a little love and see her beautiful work!

Sources from left to right, top to bottom:



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