Brand Identity : The Nickersons

So excited to share the final logo I created for Sarah & Graeme of The Nickersons. They are all about relationships … making sure their clients are more like friends & feel super comfortable during the entire experience.

The logo needed to match the warmth of their brand experience. We used watercolor to bring that comfortable & fresh feel into the suite, and used a really classic font style to make it all feel timeless.

Sarah & Graeme are really into traveling, so I was absolutely tickled that I was able to use the N from their last name in a graphic element that felt like a compass rose …

One of my very favorite parts of their new brand is the manifesto their clients see when visiting their blog, or receiving a business card (more on this soon):

“We are afternoon sunshine streaming through the trees, bare feet in the sand, the wind in your hair, a road trip along the scenic route, the aroma of baking bread, in-between moments, star gazing in a hammock, a comfy chair & a good book in your hands, the smile after a kiss, picnics on the beach, crepes on Saturday morning kind of photographers.”

Isn’t that amazing?! Huge high-fives to the two of them for coming up with that. So many senses are triggered with that statement … brand power!! They recently updated their new blog, so be sure to see what they’ve done over there … oh, and while you’re there, be sure to leave them a little love!



4 responses to “Brand Identity : The Nickersons

  1. Beautiful! Love the watercolors – and their bio is one of the best I’ve ever read. =) Makes me want to get to know them.

  2. This is beautiful – I love the watercolor, and how soft it makes something as stunning as mountains. Great work for great photographers!

  3. oh MAN!!! All I’ve been pinning to our inspiration board is watercolor. LOVE this!

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