Design Board : Angelina Photography

Happy Wednesday!! Today is such an exciting day in the studio: we have some brand launches, a big site launch, and this beautiful design board to share!!

This design board belongs to the oh-so-lovely Steph of Angelina Photography … I’ve absolutely loved working on this project (logo is done, and the printed materials are on the press right now) … Steph is enthusiastic, bubbly, and loves her job. Her photography is fresh, classy, and really fun.

The name of her business comes from her beautiful grandmother. So, while her current logo was beautiful, it lacked that classic feel that truly honored Steph’s personality, and the legacy of Angelina. I have more to tell about this part of the story when we reveal her new brand, but for now, just know that this lovely Italian woman had so much influence in this project.

So, think ‘J. Crew meets the ocean’ … that’s what we’ve developed here! So excited to share the final product.

Until then, be sure to stop by Steph’s blog to leave some love!!

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2 responses to “Design Board : Angelina Photography

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  2. hooray! I’m so so excited about ALL of this! You’ve been so amazing throughout this whole project! Thank you! :D

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