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A Week In Review :: 11.9.12

Happiest of Friday wishes to you!! As I write this, I am realizing that we’re almost half-way through November … how is this possible? We are excited about a no-plans weekend. I’m sure we’ll find ourselves on a hike or two, but for now, the only thing I know is that I will be sleeping in tomorrow morning! That makes me a happy camper. Here’s what happened this week:


1/ I am celebrating the blue skies we’ve seen this week. It’s almost unheard of to see blue skies in November (in Portland), so it’s worth a thousand cheers. 2/ Election day was a celebration in our house … and in our neighborhood. Our friends Dave & Whitney even had a sparkler part on our street. 3/ The cooler weather means we’re all getting a little cozier. Bill cuddles with me each morning. 4/ I love delivering albums to our clients in person. Jen & Casey were reminiscing about their wedding day with their custom, vegan album. 5/ You know that thing when people ask if you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life? This Huevos Rancheros from Stepping Stone Cafe in NW Portland would be my pick! I crave this dish every single day. 6/ We climbed up to Wauna Viewpoint last weekend, it was a beautiful hike with an even better view. 7/ The fall leaves are crunchy … that smell is in the air. I’ll be sad when they are all gone. Yesterday, I walked through these leaves on my way to lunch with the lovely Vanessa. 8/ My baby sister turned 14 this week. It’s unbelievable!! 9/ A junction on the old, 1856 wagon trail in the Columbia River Gorge. Hiking this trail was extremely humbling … to think that this beauty still exists, and all of the history that was here before we were. 10/ Wednesday was a time for breakfast with Ali of Portraits by Ali. This girl makes the most amazing eggs benny … she even makes special veggie benny for me. Love her! Follow me on Instagram.

In The Studio

Enjoy your weekend! I’ll be back on Monday morning with a new post. Happy Friday!


Brand Identity : Elle Rose Photo

Working with Laurie from Elle Rose Photo was such a dream. From the second we finalized her brand inspiration board, I just knew this would be one of my favorite projects from 2012. Plus, I had that proud designer moment when Laurie used the visual elements from her new suite to create her own website!!

I love the simplicity of the logo, but it’s still bold & fun. The alter logos are fun too! This next one is my favorite … I kind of want to marry it.

And for good measure, we created a super-simple version of her logo too! This one is so sweet and lovely.

Brand Identity : Lauren Rosenau

When I first shared the design board for Lauren Rosenau, we were still in the middle of her new logo design … I had no idea how much I’d be loving her new brand identity! As I mentioned before, Lauren is equal parts carefree, comfortable, and has such an eclectic heart … she wanted her brand to feel like home. To achieve this, we created a completely custom logo. The script was hand-drawn, and we chose this bright mustard to make it feel super fresh and fun.

I really love this round version too!

The hand-drawn script has been paired with a really lovely classic typeface for the rest of Lauren’s suite. I can’t wait to share the stationery we’re working on!

Until then, be sure to stop by Lauren’s site to say hello, and look at her amazing work!!

A Week In Review :: 11.2.12

Happy Friday … This is one of those weeks when Friday totally sneaked up! After being a bad blogger for some time, this week started a new pattern (blogging every week day). So far, so good. Here’s what happened this week:


1/ Happy Halloween. We didn’t dress up this year. It was the first time ever. But, we did visit Sauvie Island, and pick some tiny pumpkins. 2/ It’s election time. Excited about Oregon having mail-in ballots. I don’t care who you’re voting for, please go vote! 3/ Coffee with Brittany … coffee with friends is good for the soul. 4/ I was SO sad this morning when the tree trimmers started to cut down the tree outside of our apartment. But, I am really happy we snagged this giant leaf a bit ago. 5/ The rain has returned to Portland. While I was a little sad to see the sunshine go away, the rain brings a feeling of warmth & change that we welcomed. 6/ A new return address stamp for the studio arrived. After re-signing the lease, we thought it was totally appropriate. 7/ I finished knitting my first successful hat for Jim. 8/ It feels like fall. The leaves in our neighborhood are gorgeous right about now. 9/ My new obsession: Tazo Zen … I love starting my mornings or warming up in the afternoons with a cup of hot tea. 10/ With the colder weather, our apartment starts to show it’s 100 year-old age, and I love it. Follow me on Instagram.

In The Studio

It’s been a really rewarding week in the studio. I’m excited about a relaxing weekend with my hubby … Back to it all on Monday. Enjoy your Friday!!

Brand Identity : Michelle Lange

I’ve already bragged about Michelle when I wrote the post for her design board. At that point, we had just started working together, and my oh my, everything I  raved about has grown 1,000 times more. Michelle has been such a delightful person to work with & get to know. I am so in love with her new brand identity.

Michelle is a super-talented wedding photographer in the New York City area … she believes in fresh flowers, gold, and true love. Her brand experience is so personal, and this new logo has the fresh/light feel that her clients experience from day one! By keeping the logo light & airy, we were able to bring in letterpress … yes, LETTERPRESS elements for her stationery suite. You guys … she rocks, and I am so happy the universe (or Jen + Ashley) brought us together!!

Her new site is in the works, and her stationery has been photographed (I had to say a tearful good-bye when the UPS man pulled away – I am only slightly kidding). Until the big site launch, head over to Michelle’s blog … her work is stunning. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!!

Brand Identity : Tiffany Farley


So so so excited to start sharing this project!! Tiffany Farley is one of the most talented photographers I’ve ever worked with. She’s a visionary! When we first met, she told me how she felt inspired to do something different … truly different. So, she took a step back to look at all of the pieces, and decided to run with those pieces that left her feeling inspired to her core.  The result is ‘Connection Portraits’ … a personal photography experience, centered around women. It’s about connecting with these women, and using her photographs to tell their unique stories.

The identity that would reflect her new venture needed to be professional, and inviting. It needed to feel classic & comfortable, much like a warm up of your favorite coffee. While Tiffany has a love for classic & traditional things, she also wanted a modern flare to the brand.

A cute little icon for the paper suite …

I absolutely love this brand identity, but it’s probably more to do with how much I’ve loved working with Tiffany! We’re just wrapping her new site this week, and her paper suite left the studio yesterday. This means, there’s a ton more to come … Until then, be sure to stop by her blog to leave a little love!

Brand Identity : Murray Photography

Man, oh man … I hit the jackpot with these two! Back in December, I received an email from Matt & Ali. After a little back & forth, we decided to meet up to discuss their branding needs for their business, Murray Photography. After a few hours of snacks, wine, and getting to know each other, I knew I had met two really special people.

Fast forward 8 months, and they are two of the best friends Jim (my hubby) and I have ever had. We’ve spent weekends laughing together, traveling, and enjoying some pretty tasty wine! Basically, Matt & Ali have been a joy to work with, and an even bigger joy to know in ‘real life’.

This all leads me to their new brand! Going through the process, they knew they wanted to see at least one logo concept involving their oh-so-special VW Westfalia. Neither expected it to be the winner, but once they saw their van in logo form, they were sold.

Matt & Ali wanted their suite to feel really fun & fresh. They love interacting with their clients on a personal level, so their logo needed to feel personable … definitely not stuffy. The van was super important because they drive it everywhere, including most weddings & shoots. It’s a trademark of their brand, and it has a super deep meaning, as it’s been in Ali’s family for … well, forever.

Image by Jamie Jones

Along with the logo, I created a little set of ‘badges’ or little graphic elements they could use as stickers, stamps, or seals.

We just wrapped the website design, and delivered the stationery suite … so there’s a ton more to come about this fun project! Until then, be sure to stop by to give Matt & Ali a little bit of love!

Brand Identity : The Nickersons

So excited to share the final logo I created for Sarah & Graeme of The Nickersons. They are all about relationships … making sure their clients are more like friends & feel super comfortable during the entire experience.

The logo needed to match the warmth of their brand experience. We used watercolor to bring that comfortable & fresh feel into the suite, and used a really classic font style to make it all feel timeless.

Sarah & Graeme are really into traveling, so I was absolutely tickled that I was able to use the N from their last name in a graphic element that felt like a compass rose …

One of my very favorite parts of their new brand is the manifesto their clients see when visiting their blog, or receiving a business card (more on this soon):

“We are afternoon sunshine streaming through the trees, bare feet in the sand, the wind in your hair, a road trip along the scenic route, the aroma of baking bread, in-between moments, star gazing in a hammock, a comfy chair & a good book in your hands, the smile after a kiss, picnics on the beach, crepes on Saturday morning kind of photographers.”

Isn’t that amazing?! Huge high-fives to the two of them for coming up with that. So many senses are triggered with that statement … brand power!! They recently updated their new blog, so be sure to see what they’ve done over there … oh, and while you’re there, be sure to leave them a little love!