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Moving On …

Hi friends! I am so excited to announce that we’ve launched the new Three Fifteen Design blog. I’ll no longer be updating this particular feed. Be sure to head to the new blog to re-subscribe or grab that RSS.



A Week In Review : 11.16.12

This week was a total doozy. I woke up on Monday with the worst feeling: I was totally getting sick. After becoming a vegetarian 5 years ago, I just don’t get sick. Call it luck … maybe I’m just healthier, but either way, I thought I had something pretty special going on. So, Monday morning, I was pretty much in a funk. After lots of warm drinks & rest, I am feeling much better. We’re excited for another relaxing weekend in Portland … here’s what my week looked like:


1/ Our little place is feeling so cozy these days. 2/ I had a girls night with my friends in Newberg. Driving on the interstate here is always so much fun. I know that might sound weird, but in Indiana, it was pretty boring. Here, I love the bridges/tunnels/views. 3/ Remember that sickness? My hubby made sure I was feeling soothed with warm honey & lemon juice. The homemade pumpkin donuts didn’t hurt either. 4/ I love our pets. They aren’t allowed on our bed anymore, but I couldn’t help but snap this photo of Ruca watching over the neighborhood. 5/ So many new stationery suites have been leaving the studio. Can’t wait to share. 6/ Breakfast with His & Hers is always a great time. We love Jam on Hawthorne. Thank you to Emilia for the very sweet gift. 7/ Is there anything better than new sheets? Me thinks not. 8/ Not only did I have a night with my girlfriends, I also got to cuddle with this sweet pup, Raleigh. He’s a 12 week old great dane puppy. So sweet! 9/ We may live in a tiny apartment in the city, but it can’t keep us from expressing our love for the holidays. 10/ This time of year, I’m really proud to be a vegetarian. This is especially true when my hubby makes an amazing vegan ‘beef’ stew. Follow me on Instagram.

In The Studio

I hope you have a lovely weekend! I’ll be back on Monday morning with a new post for the Independent Creative series … this time, we have a guest!! So excited to share. Happy Friday!

Brand Identity : Angelina Photography

When Steph first told me the story behind her brand, I knew I wanted to work on this project together. On the surface, most people would assume the photographer behind Angelina Photography would be a woman named Angelina … well, in the most awesome way, the photographer is Stephanie, and her grandmother, Angelina, is the inspiration.

In Stephanie’s words Angelina was a tough, straight-off-the-boat Italian woman. She traveled by herself to America as a young girl, and started saving money for her family. She was always there to encourage Steph & her sister to work hard for everything worth working for, and to appreciate all of the amazing moments in life. With this inspiration at her feet, Steph has built her photography business.

Her logo needed to reflect her brand: comfortable, bright, and fun. Steph loves the sea, so we wanted the logo to feel really classic with an influence from nautical life. We wrapped the suite with a few fun logo elements that Steph could use as stickers & stamps:

Her new site is in the works … I’m so excited to share. Until then, be sure to stop by her current blog to send a little love.

A Week In Review :: 11.9.12

Happiest of Friday wishes to you!! As I write this, I am realizing that we’re almost half-way through November … how is this possible? We are excited about a no-plans weekend. I’m sure we’ll find ourselves on a hike or two, but for now, the only thing I know is that I will be sleeping in tomorrow morning! That makes me a happy camper. Here’s what happened this week:


1/ I am celebrating the blue skies we’ve seen this week. It’s almost unheard of to see blue skies in November (in Portland), so it’s worth a thousand cheers. 2/ Election day was a celebration in our house … and in our neighborhood. Our friends Dave & Whitney even had a sparkler part on our street. 3/ The cooler weather means we’re all getting a little cozier. Bill cuddles with me each morning. 4/ I love delivering albums to our clients in person. Jen & Casey were reminiscing about their wedding day with their custom, vegan album. 5/ You know that thing when people ask if you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life? This Huevos Rancheros from Stepping Stone Cafe in NW Portland would be my pick! I crave this dish every single day. 6/ We climbed up to Wauna Viewpoint last weekend, it was a beautiful hike with an even better view. 7/ The fall leaves are crunchy … that smell is in the air. I’ll be sad when they are all gone. Yesterday, I walked through these leaves on my way to lunch with the lovely Vanessa. 8/ My baby sister turned 14 this week. It’s unbelievable!! 9/ A junction on the old, 1856 wagon trail in the Columbia River Gorge. Hiking this trail was extremely humbling … to think that this beauty still exists, and all of the history that was here before we were. 10/ Wednesday was a time for breakfast with Ali of Portraits by Ali. This girl makes the most amazing eggs benny … she even makes special veggie benny for me. Love her! Follow me on Instagram.

In The Studio

Enjoy your weekend! I’ll be back on Monday morning with a new post. Happy Friday!

A Week In Review :: 11.2.12

Happy Friday … This is one of those weeks when Friday totally sneaked up! After being a bad blogger for some time, this week started a new pattern (blogging every week day). So far, so good. Here’s what happened this week:


1/ Happy Halloween. We didn’t dress up this year. It was the first time ever. But, we did visit Sauvie Island, and pick some tiny pumpkins. 2/ It’s election time. Excited about Oregon having mail-in ballots. I don’t care who you’re voting for, please go vote! 3/ Coffee with Brittany … coffee with friends is good for the soul. 4/ I was SO sad this morning when the tree trimmers started to cut down the tree outside of our apartment. But, I am really happy we snagged this giant leaf a bit ago. 5/ The rain has returned to Portland. While I was a little sad to see the sunshine go away, the rain brings a feeling of warmth & change that we welcomed. 6/ A new return address stamp for the studio arrived. After re-signing the lease, we thought it was totally appropriate. 7/ I finished knitting my first successful hat for Jim. 8/ It feels like fall. The leaves in our neighborhood are gorgeous right about now. 9/ My new obsession: Tazo Zen … I love starting my mornings or warming up in the afternoons with a cup of hot tea. 10/ With the colder weather, our apartment starts to show it’s 100 year-old age, and I love it. Follow me on Instagram.

In The Studio

It’s been a really rewarding week in the studio. I’m excited about a relaxing weekend with my hubby … Back to it all on Monday. Enjoy your Friday!!

Brand Identity : Portraits by Ali

Yes! It’s a double dose of logo goodness today!!

Last year, I met the immensely talented Matt & Ali of Murray Photography! Since then, we’ve become amazing friends. We’ve had the chance to work together on the Murray’s brand identity, and now, I am so happy to share the latest project from their studio: Portraits by Ali.

While Matt & Ali shoot weddings & engagement sessions together, Ali has been working on her beauty portrait brand for some time. She wanted to give women a photo experience that would showcase their beauty … their strength … and leave them feeling empowered! What a great way to remember life as it is now!

While the experience starts with hair & makeup by a professional, champagne, and other awesomeness, Ali didn’t want this brand to feel overly girly. She was more interested in it feeling incredibly classic & strong … all with a touch of elegance and sweetness. The venn diagram ties into her personal life, her photography journey, and the photo sessions her clients experience. As women, we have many different roles, different stages in life, but there’s always overlap. There’s always the now … it’s about embracing and loving it all!

To be sure she was educating her clients about the new brand, we also created an alternate version of the logo to include the parent brand of Murray Photography:

We’re wrapping up the stationery & website now, and will share everything soon! Until then, be sure to check out the Portraits by Ali Facebook page … it’s amazing, I promise!

Stationery : Tiffany Farley

I am so in love with Tiffany Farley‘s stationery suite. It was super important to her that she connected with her clients on a personal level, and incorporating premium paper goods was a great way to do that.

To start things off, we created folded correspondence notes for personal messages. We kept the language on the cards pretty ambiguous so Tiffany could use them as thank you cards or every day correspondence. The cards were finished off with square, gray envelopes, and we added a custom return address stamp.

In my opinion, a brand experience isn’t complete without a rubber stamp of your logo. Call me crazy, but there’s something really special about seeing your logo stamped onto different surfaces. It’s perfectly imperfect. Le sigh …

Then, there are her beautiful, letterpress business cards. Our friends over at Czar Press did an amazing job! The cards are printed on luxurious cotton, and feel so substantial. I LOVE letterpress! And yes, I would probably marry it, if that were possible. Ahem, back to the cards! We kept the cards in the square format to keep with the brand (Tiffany displays & delivers her photos in a square format). I love them!

I have loved this project so much, and I am so happy to have shared the whole thing here! Just as a recap, feel free to check out the design board, final logo, and her website, too. Tiffany, you’ve been a dream!


I Love Oregon!

Since I’ve been out of the office the last few days, I’ve been traveling … and enjoying the beautiful Oregon air.

While we are photographers too, sometimes, I just don’t love hauling my big ol’ camera around … I’m in love with my iPhone & even more in love with the VSCO Cam app from Visual Supply Co. Life looks a little better with VSCO film … I promise! :)

Here’s a bit of my life over the past 5 days. 


Hi handsome. 


My beautiful sister … 


Oregon wine country is out of this world! 


So happy I found such an adventurous partner to spend my time with … 


Our secret beach … 


Moultnomah Falls … Sad the trail to the top was closed, but it’s always amazing to gaze at her beauty from afar! 


Still enjoying my vacation … Can’t wait to share more of our adventures! 

All photos made with iPhone 4 // Processed with VSCO Cam.

Happiness Is …

Hellooo! Hope your week is starting out on a good note! I wanted to pop in to share a little bit of what’s been going on outside of the studio lately. I’ve been a busy bee around here, but when I have a little free time, I’ve enjoyed the sunshine in Portland! Besides breaking my toe yesterday, this Spring is shaping up to be quite lovely.

Here are some things that make me happy:

… the beautiful blue skies we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. In Portland, it’s been gray for months, so I’m LOVING this sun.


All of the flowers are so lovely. These trees outside of our building are really beautiful.


Spending time at the coast with friends …


Hiking in the Gorge has been awesome lately. This day, the fog that followed us was breathtaking.


My handsome hubby.


We finally bought a homemade ice cream maker. So far, we’ve been putting it to work!


Hike up through the Hoyt Arboretum with some clients friends.


I’ve been trying to eat healthier these days. This vegan salad with miso dressing was amazing.


I’ve never been too good at painting my nails, but I’m in love with several new Essie shades.


The Oregon coast has my heart.


… so do sunsets like this.


I hate rain, but this day was pretty epic.


Again … can’t get enough of that blue sky!


Sun on the west coast is a little different … and I love it.


I found this paper tape at Target. LOVE IT!


I’ve been playing around with watercolor lately.


We’ve taken time to make prints of our favorite photos from our adventures.


These new, yellow shoes make me smile! It’s a little sunshine on my feet.


It’s truly the little things in life that make it so much fun!

A Peek …

So much printed goodness has been leaving the studio lately … I cannot wait to share more. Until then, I wanted to leave a little glimpse into what’s coming up on the blog:

Lots of letterpress … some rubber stamps … branding galore. Until tomorrow!