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Design Board : Lauren Fair Photography

I am climbing out from the pile of tissues & hot tea (hooray allergies) to share this design board for Lauren Fair Photography.  Oh, how I love Lauren & Tim! They are an AMAZING photography teamed based in the Northeast, and their work is so perfect. I love this design board for so many reasons, and it feels like their work: personal, fun, and classic. We brought in a bit of vintage charm, but made sure it felt bright with bold colors. I can’t wait to share the final logo.


Design Board : Joyelle West

Loving this new design board for Joyelle West Photography. First, Joyelle is super freaking talented!! Second, her love of color is something I am totally envious of! She is not afraid of bold & bright.

Her photography has such a sense of place … her work feels warm & comfortable.  Do you think I’m kidding? Check it out for yourself! We’ve just wrapped her new logo & I cannot wait to share it soon.

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Design Board : Alison Mish

Alison Mish is one of the brightest rays of sunshine!! Funny enough, when we first started working together, she told me the story behind the sun in her logo, and I had no idea at the time how true it would end up being. While Alison already had a logo for her photography business, she was in a need of a new site.

This project has been such a fun challenge for me … I typically lean towards warm, earth tones, and really clean lines. Alison’s brand is sunny, light, and personal, so we used brighter/softer inspiration elements on the design board. Her hubby Mike is a big part of their photography journey as well, which meant the design couldn’t be too girly. We’ve mixed in some geometric elements and fun, modern text. Once this board was done, it quickly turned into one of my favorites of the year.

We’re just putting the final touches on their new site, which will be launching soon!

Until then, be sure to check out their beautiful work over on the blog.

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Design Board : Emily Weis Photography

Happy Monday! I hope you had an amazing weekend!! My weekend was an adventure: we looked at a few new places, spent some time in the gorge photographing our dear friends, and spent yesterday organizing & doing a little fall cleaning. We sprinkled in some dates throughout the weekend too. These are the best kinds of weekends to make me feel so refreshed on Monday!

I am so excited to share a new design board I created for Emily Weis Photography. I’m not going to lie … I’m pretty obsessed with this board (or maybe I am just smitten with Emily’s personality & style). Her photography is genuine  natural, and personal. While these traits could be translated to a really neutral palette, Emily went to her heart & decided she wanted her brand to feel warm, happy, and fresh. The perfect compliment to her photography style.

We just wrapped her logo, and I cannot wait to share. It’s the perfect physical representation of Emily & her work!! Until then, be sure to stop by her blog to leave a little bit of love!

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Design Board : Angelina Photography

Happy Wednesday!! Today is such an exciting day in the studio: we have some brand launches, a big site launch, and this beautiful design board to share!!

This design board belongs to the oh-so-lovely Steph of Angelina Photography … I’ve absolutely loved working on this project (logo is done, and the printed materials are on the press right now) … Steph is enthusiastic, bubbly, and loves her job. Her photography is fresh, classy, and really fun.

The name of her business comes from her beautiful grandmother. So, while her current logo was beautiful, it lacked that classic feel that truly honored Steph’s personality, and the legacy of Angelina. I have more to tell about this part of the story when we reveal her new brand, but for now, just know that this lovely Italian woman had so much influence in this project.

So, think ‘J. Crew meets the ocean’ … that’s what we’ve developed here! So excited to share the final product.

Until then, be sure to stop by Steph’s blog to leave some love!!

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Design Board : Alicia White

I hope you’re having an amazing week! I am back in the studio after a surprise birthday weekend … My family came into town and I was even able to photograph a beautiful birth. What a great way to ring in the ol’ 27th year!

The design board up there belongs to a really special project for Alicia White. We’re actually just about done with the logo portion of her project, and as we go further into it, it’s becoming one of my favorites! Alicia has a really beautiful photography style that feels so personal and effortless. For her, the stories she tells with her camera are just one part of the journey … one part of the love story of her clients.

The logo to represent her brand will feel dreamy, natural and soft … Like I said, we’re almost ready to share the logo with you, but until then, be sure to check out Alicia’s work!

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Design Board : Lauren Rosenau

I’ve been so excited to share the design board I created for Lauren Rosenau, an amazing photographer based on the east coast. Her photography is out-of-this-world, and her new brand needed to feel exactly the same. Lauren describes herself as a hybrid … She’s equal parts carefree, comfortable, and has such an eclectic heart … She wanted her brand to feel like home. We’re just wrapping her new logo & I cannot wait to share what we’ve come up with!

Until then, be sure to check out Lauren’s work, and say hello to one fabulous photographer!!

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Design Board : Michelle Lange

When it’s right … it’s just right! Michelle Lange is the best!! We were introduced by Ashley of the fabulous Jen + Ashley. A & M first met when they were a part of the most recent Jasmine Star Creative Live course. After watching them all weekend, I was SO excited to get an email from Michelle. Her personality is amazing, and I felt in instant connection the moment I saw that girl on the CL course!

It TOTALLY blows my mind that Michelle just started her business recently. She shot her first wedding in February of this year, and it was SO. FREAKING. GOOD!!! Since then, she’s been totally rocking her business in New York. Michelle understood that she really needed a cohesive brand & this was the perfect time to really ensure her brand speaks to her personality. She’s a recent newlywed herself & she truly believes in giving her clients the experience they deserve. She aims to be way more than their photographer … more of a trusted friend to help her brides get the day they dream of! Here’s how the new Michelle Lange brand will feel:

Ohhh! That color palette!! Michelle is bubbly, relaxed, fun, and super relatable … she bring these values into her business 100%. Her brand identity needs to feel super comfortable and chic. I am so so so excited to share her new brand identity. Until then, stop over to like her page on Facebook & leave her a little love on her blog.

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Design Board : Tiffany Farley

Happy Monday, friends. I am really excited to share a recent project I’m just wrapping up. When I first met Tiffany, I was blown away by the care & thought she had been putting into her new image & brand. She’s an amazing photographer who’s focusing her energy & talent on capturing connection. Her photos are al centered around women & the connections to the loved ones in their lives. I’ll let her share more when we reveal her new brand, but until then, here’s how the new Tiffany Farley brand will feel:

Tiffany loves anything that feels like home. Her new brand needed to feel comfortable & classic. Like, sitting on your front porch in the morning with a warm cup of coffee … just like life is supposed to feel. Since she’s focusing so much on the softer side of life, she wanted a color palette that didn’t feel overwhelming. I am in love with the warmness and softness of these colors.

We’ve already wrapped the logo portion of the project, and I cannot wait to share it soon. Until then, be sure to stop by her current blog to send her a little love and see her beautiful work!

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