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That’s Inspiring :: In Bed

Happiest of Mondays to you! I hope you had an amazing weekend. Even though it was rainy here in Portland, we made the most of it! We spent our weekend out in Newberg, Ore. with our dear friends … we watched some football and went wine tasting.

Lately, I’ve been gathering inspiration from around the web, and putting it here. It’s a great way to reflect on what I’m really drawn to … and it’s been fun to start this collection of photographs. This week, I noticed there are a ton of images of unmade beds … Maybe it’s the changing weather … maybe it’s just that the images are so warm & cozy. I thought I’d share a few photographs that have inspired me lately.




From The Inspiration Folder

Thanks for hanging in there while I took a little time away from the blog. I was feeling a little overwhelmed with the amount of time I was spending on the internet, so I took a little break. I was able to focus on catching up on projects, and more importantly, I got to spend some quality time with myself. I’m back … and ready to share so many fun projects!

Simply Fabulous

I’ve discovered a new hobby … knitting! I find that there’s a need for self-reflection time during the week. For me, I walk/hike several times a week just to feel centered, and have some time for internal dialogue. This helps me dream & create more freely, and there’s really nothing better than that. As it turns out, knitting allows me to go to that place, too. I can turn off the TV, sit on the couch, and get lost in the activity for hours.

Photography Love

Just as I think reflection is important, I also love the idea of capturing yourself in a pretty raw state. There’s something about Megan McIsaac’s work that just hits me in my bones. Her self-portraits are full of life & vulnerability, yet they feel so strong. Plus, she and her partner are travelers … They travel around in their Dolphin, documenting their lives in a really captivating way. Amazing at making photos & loves to travel = win, win!!

Design Inspiration

I love it when someone’s work just boggles my mind. Sasha Prood’s work does just that! She’s an amazing illustrator & her work with watercolor & type just kills me. Her work is perfect … yet, the imperfections make it even more perfect … It’s like some crazy endless circle of awesomeness. Check out her shop for more goodness.

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From the Inspiration Folder

I want to keep this short & sweet today. The hubs and I are about to head out for a little breakfast, then some hiking in the hills near our apartment. Sometimes, Wednesdays need to be treated like Saturdays.

Simply Fabulous

It’s no secret that I have some pretty talented friends. Don’t let that sound like I’m bragging about myself … somehow I’ve tricked them into hanging out with me. But really, I am bragging about them. My friend Amy is no exception to this. She runs Little Bright Studio … she crafts & sells some of the most beautiful/adorable/unique jewelry (and other fun things) that I’ve ever seen. Her blog is also pretty fun! Seriously head over and check out the amazingness in her shop …

Photography Love

I’ve got a good one for you this week … Meet Leslie Thomson. Leslie’s work is calming, yet bold. I stumbled across her Flickr site earlier this week, and realized I spent almost an hour browsing her work. I think it’s amazing when someone can put a roll of film in an old camera, and show the world in a way that most of us will never see.

Design Inspiration

This painting by Jarek Puczel, a Polish artist, made my heart skip a beat. The way he mixes different parts of reality and space is amazing. There are familiar elements in all of his works, yet, by combining these elements with less obvious pieces, the work becomes really surreal … almost lending a bit of a gestalt feel.

Music Love

One of my favorite bands, The Civil Wars, just released a new coffee table book: To Whom It May Concern. The book is filled with beautiful photographs of their lives over the past  year. Allister Ann and Tec Petaja contributed their amazing photography talents to make it all come together. I am a huge proponent for documenting life with beautiful photographs … and when the photographs are a  representation of music that moves the soul, well, that’s about as good as it gets!

**All images in this post are from the respective links above them. Please do not use these images without a direct link to the original source/link or giving credit to the original source. AKA, these aren’t our images, and we’ve given credit where credit is due … You should do the same!**

From The Inspiration Folder

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had an amazing weekend. We spent some time on the coast … and a little more up on Mt. Hood. It was lovely, and yet another reason to feel refreshed and ready for a new week. Now, for some inspiration …

Simply Fabulous

If you want to know the way to my heart, I have two words for you: Wes Anderson. Yes, IT’S HERE … the trailer for his new movie, Moonrise Kingdom, was released. I knew it was in the works, and it was just a matter of when we’d get to see it. Wes Anderson’s movies are magical. They make me the happiest of happy. While we wait for Moonrise Kingdom to be released, I suggest watching The Life Aquatic a few hundred times … It’s my favorite.

Photography Love

Before moving to the Pacific Northwest, we were searching for photographers who truly loved their craft. I think it’s so important to surround yourself with other creatives who’s passion outweighs any need for validation or monetary gain (though, that part is always an added bonus). With that said, I stumbled across the work of Andria Lindquist this weekend and fell in love … this girl knows herself/her brand/her camera. Her work is absolutely stunning … She’s in the PNW, and I can feel the air in her photos. We talk a lot about branding around here, and I think many photographers could take a cue from Andria when it comes to using your site/blog as a way to filter towards the perfect client. So many high fives!

Design Inspiration

I’ve sung the praises of Mary Kate McDevitt before, and now I get to sing some more. She recently collaborated with The Fox Is Black to create a dreamy little desktop wallpaper. Reading how the ideas/concept were dreamed up made me feel so inspired … It all started with Ice Week, and ended with lyrics from a song. Be sure to head over to get your download of the wallpaper.

Music Love

We’re gearing up for a little trip back to the midwest later this week, this means, I’m updating the iPod and getting everything ready for the flights. I am kind of obsessed with the most recent album from Rosie Thomas. Her sweet voice makes sitting in my studio all day a little bit better. Her album, These Friends of Mine, is available for download over on NoiseTrade … I love this site. You can leave tips for your favorite artists!

**All images in this post are from the respective links above them. Please do not use these images without a direct link to the original source/link or giving credit to the original source. AKA, these aren’t our images, and we’ve given credit where credit is due … You should do the same!**


Happy Thursday! Excited that this is the first weekly links post of 2012. I think we have a pretty awesome bunch of inspiration this week. Let’s get to it!

Simply Fabulous

I am so inspired by people who can pull their roots from the ground and travel around the world. Personally, we LOVE to travel. Unfortunately, we’ve never had the chance to leave the Americas, but plans are in the works! Nathan & Katie over at Eight Hour Day did just that! They went on a 12 month, 10 city adventure, and traveled the world. I’ve been loving their posts about the trip, and I about died when I saw their images from their stop in Monterosso. If I wasn’t already chomping at the bit to get over to Europe … this post totally kicked it into overdrive.

Photography Love

One of the best parts of the photography season is a small break when things slow down a bit … It gives time to explore your creativity and experiment with ideas you’ve been thinking of throughout the year. I absolutely love this shoot by Bryan and Mae, a Grand Rapids, Michigan photography duo. I love that it’s different from what they typically shoot (amazing couples), yet it has their style written all over it! The shoot feels so warm & inviting. So great!!

Design Inspiration

I feel like I am typically drawn towards natural, organic design … earth tones are lovely too. BUT, when I saw this amazing geometric inspired wedding suite over on Grey Likes Weddings this week, I couldn’t take my eyes away from the screen. The color scheme is amazing, and I love how the sharp lines still feel very soft & inviting. Hooray to Mélangerie (an amazing design consulting firm), Nine Cakes, and Jen Huang (the fabulous photographer)  for pulling these amazing details together. Check out the full post here.

Music Love

Maybe I should call this section Podcast Love … If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen me mention Uhh Yeah Dude. It’s an amazing Podcast hosted by Seth Romatelli and Jonathan Larroquette. It is so freaking hilarious. While I listen to music in the studio … you can probably find me listening to old episodes of this podcast more often. It’s totally not safe for work … a lot of language, but if that sort of think doesn’t bother you, it’s so perfect!

**All images in this post are from the respective links above them. Please do not use these images without a direct link to the original source/link or giving credit to the original source. AKA, these aren’t our images, and we’ve given credit where credit is due … You should do the same!**

Happy New Year : The Review

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We are so grateful for yet another wonderful year ahead of us. We hope you had an amazing New Years Eve, and you’re enjoying yourselves today!

We wanted to give a little recap of the amazing projects we were able to work on this year (thanks to our amazing clients).

Brand Identity:

We had so much fun working on these branding projects … Like I said, the clients made it all worth it!!

We are also wrapping up projects with some other really great clients!

Click here to see all of our branding work.


We wrote a series of posts about branding … about what it is, and about what it isn’t. We absolutely loved writing this series!

Featured Work:

Our work was featured over on Style Me Pretty & Oh So Beautiful Paper a few times throughout the year, which is a huge honor!

Wedding Stationery:

We designed several custom wedding invitation suites, and had so much fun getting to know the amazing couples.


We focused a lot this year on connecting with other creatives and featuring the work that really inspires us!

Once again … I just wanted to thank all of our amazing clients & friends that have helped make 2011 an amazing year. We are ready to hit the ground running in 2012, and hope it will be our best year yet!!

Biggest high fives to you and yours … and best wishes for an amazing year!!!


From The Inspiration Folder

Happy Friday! This is the very last weekly links post we’ll be doing in 2011. It absolutely blows my mind knowing that 2012 starts in less than 48 hours. 2011 has been such an amazing year for us … We’ll be doing a year-in-review post in just a bit, but until then, we wanted to share our last batch of links to other creatives & people who have inspired us this week!

Simply Lovely

We absolutely love adventures. We love traveling, and putting our feet on different parts of this earth. When I saw this map project idea from Alyson over on Unruly Things, I was in love. Could you imagine what kind of gift this would be for your kids/grandkids later in life. My goodness.

Photography Love

As soon as I saw this session from D’art Photographie, I felt the immediate need to jump in the car and head to the Oregon Coast. It feels dark and cold … Yet warm & cozy. There are about 1 million reasons why we moved to Pacific Northwest and the feelings this session evokes are about most of them!

Design Inspiration

Even though we focus mainly on the design side of things, I went to school and got my degree in printmaking … running big, old presses made me a pretty happy gal. So, it’s understandable that I am still a bit obsessed with print. Sara & Brad of Constellation & Co. run an awesome print & design shop. They are located in Seattle, and their work is stunning. This week, Sara wrote a post about being a messy printer. I absolutely loved the post, and it made me feel a great deal of nostalgia.

Music Love

I absolutely love people who are multi-talented. Ever since I saw Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 500 Days of Summer, I’ve loved seeing other projects they do together. This rendition of What Are You Doing New Years Eve is no exception. Love these two …

Portland Business Highlight

This week, I had the opportunity to meet up with a wonderful group of ladies for a little girls night out. We spent our evening at Cruzroom on Alberta & 23rd. Personally, I’m not into big bars or clubs, so smaller places like Cruzroom are so perfect. They are known for their infused liquors, which means their house drinks are to die for. Their food is awesome, the atmosphere is lovely. Be sure to check them out!

From the Inspiration Folder

People … The sun is shinning here in Portland … Life is good!

Weekly Links

Portland was home to two amazing events this weekend: The Portland Bazaar and Crafty Wonderland. There was an abundance of talented craftspeople and inspiration was everywhere.


Favorite Design Inspiration

When I stumbled into the booth of Mary Kate McDevitt at Crafty Wonderland, I could have stayed all day. Her hand lettering is absolutely AMAZING. I wanted to buy everything and give her one thousand high fives. As a designer, I spend so much time on the computer, but her work reminds me that starting with a pencil & some paper is definitely important. Visit her shop here.

Favorite Home Inspiration

At the Portland Bazaar, I was so excited to talk with the owners of Terrene. They create these beautiful vases made by pouring concrete. I really love plants, and I love how they made the pot stand out just as much as the plant itself. Love love love! Visit their shop!

Photography Inspiration

I’m LOVING the Wordless series by Kate Miss. I stumbled across this project last week, and I’m hooked. I’ve been working on a photo series of my own for the past several weeks, so I truly appreciate others who can see beauty in the every day happenings around them.

Buy Local

Last week, I met a new friend for lunch at Jam on Hawthorne. It was AMAZING! I knew that Portland was going to be a great place to land as a vegetarian, but man, this place was so so so good. I had vegetarian sausage gravy on top of potatoes & eggs. I highly recommend it. Plus, the staff was super fast and friendly. I think I’m going back again on Thursday.

From The Inspiration Folder

Happy Monday. Hope you all had an amazing weekend. We’re still getting settled here in Portland … In fact, we got the last box unpacked and out of the living room last night. The celebration was matched by the excitement of getting our Christmas tree & holiday decorations put up. We drove out to a tree farm, and cut our tree down ourselves. There were stunning views of the mountains on the way home, and we listened to Christmas music all afternoon. Yes, it was a good weekend.

Weekly Links

Lately, Poppytalk has been my favorite place for holiday inspiration. My husband and I have different schools of thought when it comes to holiday decorating: he wants it to look like Christmas threw up all over the house … and I prefer a softer/less obvious type of decorating. Poppytalk has so many fun ideas that are the perfect compromise.

My favorite design inspiration of the week comes from the Etsy shop of Pawling, spotted via Oh So Beautiful Paper. Their 2012 calendar is amazing. The black & white, geometric drawings are so awesome. I love the simplicity.

When I saw this engagement session by Jill Thomas, I melted.  I first found Jill’s work about a year ago, and fell in love with the softness and perspective she brings to each shoot. Plus, she uses film which makes my photographer crush grow even bigger! This shoot is gorgeous … The light & setting feels so warm, something that is welcomed in Portland!

Earlier this year, I confessed my love for Abby Try Again Photography. I mentioned that her work would definitely be decorating the walls of our new place once we arrived in Portland. Sadly, Abby is closing up her online shop, but thankfully, there’s enough time for us to buy some art for our new apartment. I’m having a hard time deciding, but I’m forcing myself to decide within the hour! I wish Abby luck as she finds her next adventure!! Please go check out her shop … She still has some beautiful prints available until December 9th.

Last week, we had the amazing opportunity to attend the opening of Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co., a local business who ‘looks back to look forward’. Their work is absolutely stunning, and don’t even get me started on their new space! It’s absolutely amazing to share a city with such talented and visionary individuals & businesses. If you love classic design that’s paired with function and usability, be sure to check out their store … You can find them online too!

Until next time … 

Design Board : Diana Deaver Weddings

When I first saw the amazing work of Diana Deaver, I was so excited to work with her. I quickly learned the commercial work I saw wasn’t even scratching the surface, as she had an entire wedding photography & cinematography business as well! Shortly after meeting, I spoke with Diana and her partner, Steven, about Diana Deaver Weddings and what they were hoping to accomplish with their re-brand.

Diana & Steven have an amazing eye for details. Their photography is so grand & elegant, yet pure & simple at the same time. Their focus on the love of their clients makes it all work so beautifully together. D&S are both bringing their own style to the table for this project: Diana loves all things elegant, classic & beautiful. Steven is drawn to beautiful simplicity, clean design & nature. As we get further into their project, it’s becoming obvious that those two sides can work perfectly with each other and blend into a brand identity that will represent the two of them, and their collaborative work. I can’t wait to share the final logo in just a few short weeks! Until then, be sure to check out their blog!

Sources from top to bottom, left to right: