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A Week In Review :: 11.9.12

Happiest of Friday wishes to you!! As I write this, I am realizing that we’re almost half-way through November … how is this possible? We are excited about a no-plans weekend. I’m sure we’ll find ourselves on a hike or two, but for now, the only thing I know is that I will be sleeping in tomorrow morning! That makes me a happy camper. Here’s what happened this week:


1/ I am celebrating the blue skies we’ve seen this week. It’s almost unheard of to see blue skies in November (in Portland), so it’s worth a thousand cheers. 2/ Election day was a celebration in our house … and in our neighborhood. Our friends Dave & Whitney even had a sparkler part on our street. 3/ The cooler weather means we’re all getting a little cozier. Bill cuddles with me each morning. 4/ I love delivering albums to our clients in person. Jen & Casey were reminiscing about their wedding day with their custom, vegan album. 5/ You know that thing when people ask if you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life? This Huevos Rancheros from Stepping Stone Cafe in NW Portland would be my pick! I crave this dish every single day. 6/ We climbed up to Wauna Viewpoint last weekend, it was a beautiful hike with an even better view. 7/ The fall leaves are crunchy … that smell is in the air. I’ll be sad when they are all gone. Yesterday, I walked through these leaves on my way to lunch with the lovely Vanessa. 8/ My baby sister turned 14 this week. It’s unbelievable!! 9/ A junction on the old, 1856 wagon trail in the Columbia River Gorge. Hiking this trail was extremely humbling … to think that this beauty still exists, and all of the history that was here before we were. 10/ Wednesday was a time for breakfast with Ali of Portraits by Ali. This girl makes the most amazing eggs benny … she even makes special veggie benny for me. Love her! Follow me on Instagram.

In The Studio

Enjoy your weekend! I’ll be back on Monday morning with a new post. Happy Friday!


A Week In Review :: 11.2.12

Happy Friday … This is one of those weeks when Friday totally sneaked up! After being a bad blogger for some time, this week started a new pattern (blogging every week day). So far, so good. Here’s what happened this week:


1/ Happy Halloween. We didn’t dress up this year. It was the first time ever. But, we did visit Sauvie Island, and pick some tiny pumpkins. 2/ It’s election time. Excited about Oregon having mail-in ballots. I don’t care who you’re voting for, please go vote! 3/ Coffee with Brittany … coffee with friends is good for the soul. 4/ I was SO sad this morning when the tree trimmers started to cut down the tree outside of our apartment. But, I am really happy we snagged this giant leaf a bit ago. 5/ The rain has returned to Portland. While I was a little sad to see the sunshine go away, the rain brings a feeling of warmth & change that we welcomed. 6/ A new return address stamp for the studio arrived. After re-signing the lease, we thought it was totally appropriate. 7/ I finished knitting my first successful hat for Jim. 8/ It feels like fall. The leaves in our neighborhood are gorgeous right about now. 9/ My new obsession: Tazo Zen … I love starting my mornings or warming up in the afternoons with a cup of hot tea. 10/ With the colder weather, our apartment starts to show it’s 100 year-old age, and I love it. Follow me on Instagram.

In The Studio

It’s been a really rewarding week in the studio. I’m excited about a relaxing weekend with my hubby … Back to it all on Monday. Enjoy your Friday!!

That’s Inspiring :: In Bed

Happiest of Mondays to you! I hope you had an amazing weekend. Even though it was rainy here in Portland, we made the most of it! We spent our weekend out in Newberg, Ore. with our dear friends … we watched some football and went wine tasting.

Lately, I’ve been gathering inspiration from around the web, and putting it here. It’s a great way to reflect on what I’m really drawn to … and it’s been fun to start this collection of photographs. This week, I noticed there are a ton of images of unmade beds … Maybe it’s the changing weather … maybe it’s just that the images are so warm & cozy. I thought I’d share a few photographs that have inspired me lately.



Life Lately : Instagram

Happy Friday, friends!! We’re gearing up for a weekend of house hunting, corn mazes, apple cider, a photography session in the Columbia River gorge, and cool Autumn air. The summer quietly slipped away to the fall, and I’ve been loving capturing life on our phones. Instagram is the best!

Hope you have an amazing weekend!!


Little Joyful Things

I really love to be inspired … after my morning coffee, I hop on the magical-internet-machine to browse through my favorite blogs & catch up with my Google Reader. I’m constantly in awe when I see beautiful photos that really capture the best feelings … I love when photos spark something in my heart.

So, I decided to create a little place where I could keep these photos … a place to reference when I need some inspiration … a place to go to when I want to see something beautiful … a place for things I don’t want to forget.

If you’d like a little inspiration, and visual goodness, go check out my new, little project: Little Joyful Things. Pop it into your Google Reader … I promise, the photos will warm up your day!

Instagram : This Week

Happy Friday! // Loving capturing life with Instagram lately.



Over the weekend we went to Cannon Beach & the Columbia River Gorge. Getting  outside makes my heart sing like nothing else. Back in the studio this morning. Totally refreshed & ready to take this week on. More here.

Shot with iPhone 4 // Processed with VSCO Cam

Out of the Studio … Into the Sun!

**This post is pinned … be sure to scroll past to see the latest updates!**

That photo sums it up pretty well! I’ll be out of the studio from now until the end of June. If you’re a current client, no worries, this won’t change anything about your project.

If you’d like to talk with me about booking a branding project, please send me an email (info can be found under that contact tab up there). Be sure to tell me why you’re wanting to rebrand, how you found me, and a little bit about yourself!!

I’ll get back to all messages as soon as possible. I can’t wait to get back to work in July … this little break will be refreshing for sure.

Until I’m back, I have a bunch of posts queued up & ready to go …

Enjoy the month of June!!



Happiness Is …

Hellooo! Hope your week is starting out on a good note! I wanted to pop in to share a little bit of what’s been going on outside of the studio lately. I’ve been a busy bee around here, but when I have a little free time, I’ve enjoyed the sunshine in Portland! Besides breaking my toe yesterday, this Spring is shaping up to be quite lovely.

Here are some things that make me happy:

… the beautiful blue skies we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. In Portland, it’s been gray for months, so I’m LOVING this sun.


All of the flowers are so lovely. These trees outside of our building are really beautiful.


Spending time at the coast with friends …


Hiking in the Gorge has been awesome lately. This day, the fog that followed us was breathtaking.


My handsome hubby.


We finally bought a homemade ice cream maker. So far, we’ve been putting it to work!


Hike up through the Hoyt Arboretum with some clients friends.


I’ve been trying to eat healthier these days. This vegan salad with miso dressing was amazing.


I’ve never been too good at painting my nails, but I’m in love with several new Essie shades.


The Oregon coast has my heart.


… so do sunsets like this.


I hate rain, but this day was pretty epic.


Again … can’t get enough of that blue sky!


Sun on the west coast is a little different … and I love it.


I found this paper tape at Target. LOVE IT!


I’ve been playing around with watercolor lately.


We’ve taken time to make prints of our favorite photos from our adventures.


These new, yellow shoes make me smile! It’s a little sunshine on my feet.


It’s truly the little things in life that make it so much fun!

Brand Identity :: Little Joy

Hi lovelies … hope you had a wonderful weekend, and this week is starting out just amazingly for you!

As some of you know, when I’m not wearing my designer hat, I’m also a photographer. My husband, Jim, and I started our photography business back in 2009, and we’ve really really enjoyed meeting some amazing couples, traveling, and telling stories through our photos. Over the past year or so, I started to follow a calling of sorts … birth photography. When some of our friends and past clients had talked to us about it, it just seemed like such a natural evolution. I believe in organic growth: if it feels right and makes you happy, do it! So, since moving to Portland, I’ve been focusing a lot of energy on my new project: Little Joy.

Little Joy is a branch of the Jim & Ravyn Photographers brand. It’s really important to us that all of our work stays in one place, but we wanted a visual way to separate the two. We didn’t want mamas thinking that Jim would be there too, as this is a bit of a solo mission for me … that’s where the new Little Joy logo came from.


We wanted something that was very sweet, yet, not overly girly. The orange color complements the green in our studio logo, and we picked a pretty modern typeface to get even further away from a girly feel.

Here are my very favorite Little Joy images … the ones that truly inspired the new logo.

I am currently looking for mamas & families in Portland, Oregon who appreciate beautiful photography and the birthing process. If you send a friend our way, be sure to tell them to mentioned you sent them so we can send a thank you!