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A Tiny Break … For A Big Change!

Hi friends! I hope you had an AMAZING holiday weekend. We spent our long weekend at the coast with our dear friends … waking up next to the ocean is definitely at the top of my ‘things I love’ list!

I wanted to pop in to give an update about the lack of blogging that’s happening! Right now, there are some big changes happening on the blog! In just a few days, the brand new blog will be live, and we’ll be back to our regular blogging schedule. I have so much to show you & can’t wait to get back over here!!


On Election Day …

It’s a big day for us … It’s Election Day! Living in Oregon means we vote via mail. While most of the country steps into a booth to cast their ballot, we were able to sit together on our couch & work through it all. Sadly, we don’t get the awesome stickers to declare we’ve done our civil duty (a right that SO MANY fought for so long). I am nervous about the outcome … I believe in human rights, and that was my main focus when making my decision. No matter the outcome, I hope all of us realize how lucky we are to live in a country where we have a choice. I love voting! Hoping all of you, no matter your choice, get out today and make your voice heard!

Life Lately : Instagram

Happy Friday, friends!! We’re gearing up for a weekend of house hunting, corn mazes, apple cider, a photography session in the Columbia River gorge, and cool Autumn air. The summer quietly slipped away to the fall, and I’ve been loving capturing life on our phones. Instagram is the best!

Hope you have an amazing weekend!!


Big Things Coming!

I am so very excited that a new Three Fifteen Design blog is in the works!! I thought about waiting until it was done to share anything about it, but man, I am really excited that there will be a new place to share the latest studio happenings and design. I am working with an amazing designer (yes, while I do design too, I thought it would be awesome to work with another creative for this particular project), and will tell you all about the experience once it’s launched.

Until then, we have a lot to share … we’ve been busy in the studio, and I can’t wait to introduce you to the awesome clients we’ve had a chance to work with lately.

Little Joyful Things

I really love to be inspired … after my morning coffee, I hop on the magical-internet-machine to browse through my favorite blogs & catch up with my Google Reader. I’m constantly in awe when I see beautiful photos that really capture the best feelings … I love when photos spark something in my heart.

So, I decided to create a little place where I could keep these photos … a place to reference when I need some inspiration … a place to go to when I want to see something beautiful … a place for things I don’t want to forget.

If you’d like a little inspiration, and visual goodness, go check out my new, little project: Little Joyful Things. Pop it into your Google Reader … I promise, the photos will warm up your day!

Can You Love More Than One Career?

We flew back to Portland yesterday after spending our weekend with Nick & Mel in Michigan. Photographing their wedding made our hearts feel so full. It was a little bittersweet, as Nick & Mel’s wedding is our last of 2012. I woke up this morning feeling so blessed to have not one, but two careers that I love so much. There’s this one, as a graphic designer, and then there’s the photography business I share with my husband.

Both jobs allow me to meet & connect with so many amazing people. People who I might not otherwise ever know. And more than getting to know them, we get to tell their stories.

A part of our photography business has even evolved into another area where I could share amazingly special moments with amazing women, birth. Photographing births leaves me feeling empowered, inspired, and just in awe at how incredibly amazing birth/the body/love/life can be.

I was fearful in the beginning of both ventures that having & loving two jobs would be too much … that one would get less attention. After several years, I am so happy to say that I am still just as inspired as I was on day one … I still love both more than words can say.

During my initial meeting with my branding clients, I love hearing how they got to where they are now … I love hearing their stories. I know what it’s like to love something so much, it’s worth taking a leap for … worth working really hard for. I feel inspired when I meet others just like that!

We get one life to live (at least as far as I know at this point in mine), and I think it’s important to do what makes you feel happy … what makes you feel alive. This post was just a way to remind myself how very lucky I am, and to thank every single person who has given me the chance to do what I love so much. So, THANK YOU FOR BEING SO GREAT!

For Sale : MacBook Pro

**UPDATE :: We sold the laptop! Thanks for your help sharing this link!!**

Hi friends. We’re selling our MacBook Pro & a few accessories. It’s been so good to me, but I recently upgraded, and have no need for this beautiful laptop.

This is my please-dont-make-us-list-on-ebay plea! We really want this laptop (or the whole setup) to go to a good home!! :) We’re super willing to negotiate as per the specs of the computer!! I’d love to get $1,000 for the computer or $1,100 for the whole setup. But again, TOTALLY willing to negotiate.

I’m not super technical, but here are the MacBook Pro specs we think are most important:

  • MacBook Pro 15.4”
  • 2.53 GHz
  • 250 GB hard drive
  • 4 GB memory
  • Duo core processor
  • Purchased April 2010
  • Comes with original box & power cord
  • Used mostly for design, illustration & photo processing
  • More technical specs (the link is to mid-late 2009 model, which is probably when ours was manufactured)

We’re also selling our external monitor. I loved plugging this into the laptop for more screen realty. It’s a nice setup. I would love $200 for the monitor if purchased on its own.

  • Dell S2009Wb
  • 20-inch, widescreen, flat-panel
  • More technical specs
  • Please excuse the dust!! :) Will be dusted before selling!!

If you’re interested, be sure to send us an email: hello (at) threefifteendesign (dot) com … Also, if you wouldn’t mind sharing this link with friends, we’d be so appreciative!!


Instagram : This Week

Happy Friday! // Loving capturing life with Instagram lately.


Adobe Creative Cloud : It’s Dreamy!

Hi friends! I was just about to click ‘purchase’ on Adobe’s site today to upgrade my version of Lightroom, when I remembered that I’m part of the Creative Cloud. Holy crap!! I’m so glad I didn’t click the checkout button. At that moment, I realized I hadn’t shared how in love I am with this new option from Adobe!

We bought Creative Suite 4 right before CS5 was released … isn’t that always the case? At the time, I wasn’t too upset about it. CS4 had what I needed. Fast forward a couple of years, and CS6 was knocking on my door. Also, my spankin’ new iMac wasn’t playing nicely with CS4 anymore … new operating system means lots of little bugs with old software.

After talking with Adobe, they told me I could do Creative Cloud for $30/month (as I was an existing CS customer). Do the math, the new creative suite is a ton more to buy, and basically, I can get over 2 years of use before breaking even. By that time, I will have been ready to whatever the newest CS version is. So, it was a no-brainer!

At first, I was concerned about not owning the software … I’m essentially leasing it. But, I now have every program that Adobe offers … like the big ol’ mamma jamma of suites. I love that I can play with new programs (like the video editing software) if I have time. It’s fun!

When you’re ready to use a new program for the first time, it takes a few minutes to install it from the Adobe Application Manager. After that, it’s on your computer … you can put it in your dock, and it opens just like any other CS program you have installed on your computer. No need for internet connection after the initial install. The full features are there … and I’ve been loving it so far. The best part: you don’t ever have to worry if you have the latest version of software … it will automatically qualify you for free upgrades.

I’m not being paid by Adobe to write this post … I just love the Creative Cloud, and today I remembered why! Be sure to check it out. If you’re a creative, photographer, blogger, etc. that uses the Creative Suite, I highly recommend investing in this option!


Over the weekend we went to Cannon Beach & the Columbia River Gorge. Getting  outside makes my heart sing like nothing else. Back in the studio this morning. Totally refreshed & ready to take this week on. More here.

Shot with iPhone 4 // Processed with VSCO Cam