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Website Launch : Jim & Ravyn Photographers

I am so SO excited about this post! Most of you probably know that I am a designer AND a photographer, but for those of you who thought this was my only place on the InTerwEbZ (really, cool, right?), I am excited to tell you about my other love: Jim & Ravyn Photographers.

Back in 2009, my husband, Jim, and I launched our wedding photography business … We had no idea at the time how lucky we would be in such a short period of time. It’s not that we had TONS of business, but the couples we’ve been so lucky to work with have been nothing short of AMAZING. Since we launched our business, we’ve grown (both as a married couple and as photographers) … we even packed up our business and moved across the country to Portland, Oregon. Since landing here, we’ve met some amazing friends & worked with some of the coolest people ever. EVER. BUT, our old site sucked. I cringed when I looked at it … and that’s no good. So, over the past few months, we’ve been working on a re-brand (focusing on our target clients, our experience, and the look of our brand identity). After it all, we are happy to launch the new site today.

We wrote a bit about the process over on the Jim & Ravyn blog, so be sure to check it out.

For now, here are a few screen shots from the new site!! I love it so much.

I am so happy that my birth photography, Little Joy, has a place on our new site. I believe in birth … it’s beautiful, and I love documenting these beautiful moments for the families I work with.

We are also stoked that our travels are showcased on the site. We have been sharing our personal adventures over on our personal blog for some time, but it was important that we shared that side of our life on our photography site.

We are so excited about this launch. There’s a saying that goes something like the cobbler’s children never have new shoes … and that’s how we were feeling. I sort of feel like our baby (business) is wearing a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s right now!





Website Launch : Katie Nesbitt Photography

I told you it was an exciting day around here!! Katie Nesbitt’s new website just lanuched. I have been super excited about this announcement … Honestly, it’s one of my favorite sites from the studio, and Katie has been a dream to work with.

I designed the custom site, and it’s hosted by Showit. That means that Katie is now a Showiteer … an AMAZING collective of photographers & creatives. Showit gives Katie the opportunity to make changes to her site at any time, and the entire thing is mobile friendly (HTML 5) …

Katie’s new brand feels SO much more complete with the launch of her new site … I am SO excited to see what she’s been working on, and I am so happy she has a new place to showcase it.

Speaking of places to share, Katie also has a new blog! The team over at Yellow & Savvy Design used my design as a base for the blog, and built a super-fun, interactive blog!

If you get a chance, be sure to check out Katie’s new site!! Here are a few more of my favorite pages from the new website:

Lastly, Katie really wanted to incorporate a hidden section … it’s called an easter egg, and I am so happy she did it! You’ll have to click through the site to find it (hint, look for a little icon) … Here, we showcased her cat (yes, she’s a self-described crazy-cat-person), her favorite things, and music she loves!

Big high-fives to Katie! Your work is so awesome, and I am so happy we had the chance to meet & work together!





Website Launch : Tiffany Farley

I am so so so excited for you guys to check out Tiffany Farley’s new website. I have been a fan of Tiffany’s work since we first met, I believe in her vision, and now she has a place to tell her inspiring story. The site is interactive … it causes you to pause and really take a step into something calmer … into something visionary.

Tiffany updated the site last week with her new video, and her gallery is full of her beautiful work. The site was custom designed here in our studio, then launched with Showit. Tiffany is now a part of the Showit community which means she gets to connect with so many other amazing creatives. It’s really awesome!

I am so happy we had the chance to work together … Be sure to check out the site!

Here are a few more of my favorite pages!!

Website Launch : Murray Photography

Yes!! Some of my favorite people are on the blog again today! I wanted to pop in to share a recent web design project for Murray Photography. I custom designed & implemented their site for Showit. Not only do they have a beautiful space to show their work, they are also now a part of the wonderful Showit community. There’s a reason we design for Showit … they are awesome!

When you arrive at their new site, you’re given the option to enter the seniors site, or their wedding site. Both are awesome, check them out, but for now, I want to share my favorite parts of their wedding site.

We wanted to give potential clients a really interactive experience with the site, so instead of traditional navigation, we made it a little more fun. They venture into different areas of the site to explore, then come back to the home page for more info …

I love that Matt & Ali wanted to implement a map into their brand/site. They travel a lot, and their beloved VW van was just calling for it. We used a natural wood background to add a rustic feel & the chevrons totally gave it a little freshness.

Here are a few more of my favorite pages:

The about Matt & Ali pages are so much fun … and full of great information about them!

We wanted to keep the contact page light … we asked a series of great questions to really help them get to know inquiring couples before they have a chance to meet in person.

They give a really awesome client experience to each & every one of their couples, and it shows! We wanted to showcase some of the kind words their past couples have sent their way.

Be sure to stop by the new site to check it out … then swing by their Facebook page to say hello!

Website Launch : Jen + Ashley

Happy Monday!! I absolutely love having big news on Monday … seems like it really starts the week off on a positive note.

Jen + Ashley launched their brand new website today, and I can’t wait to share it with you!! I feel like Jen & Ashley really covered it quite well on their blog … here’s what they had to say:

“Ravyn from Three Fifteen Design has been an absolute saint through our pestering emails, tons of questions, and anxious worries. And of course, she cranked out a brand and website that we could not be more happy with. I know we’ve said it before, but if designing a brand for a solo or husband and wife team is difficult, I KNOW that designing a brand for two girls who have just as many differences as they do similarities has to be twice as daunting. But Ravyn made it look easy. She made something that was chic, modern, clean, fresh, feminine but not too girly, sophisticated, and different. Our brand doesn’t look like anything else we’ve seen, and that’s perfect, because that’s US. We love fashion and sparkly things, but we also love cars, dive bars, and inappropriate humor. We’re goofy yet sophisticated, known to do “The Wobble” at weddings and make jokes with the groomsmen, but tear up during first dances and when our brides see themselves in the mirror for the first time on their wedding day.”

First of all, thanks to J+A for the amazingly sweet words … Really, I just love the way they described their personalities … and I think this new site really represents them perfectly.

Here are a few of my favorite pages.

It all starts with a lovely landing page. While you’re there, you can see the AMAZING new video shot by Jeremy Mitchell Cinema. He did SUCH an amazing job.

Be sure to head over to the full site to see it in action!!

New Landing Page : Jen + Ashley

Happy Thursday!! I am so so so excited to share a little peek of a super fun project I’ve been working on for the oh-so-fabulous Jen + Ashley!!

I’m not quite ready to share everything, but we just launched their new landing page, and the full site is coming soon.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing the whole project (design board, logo & website), but for now, I’d love for you to check out their new landing page!! While you’re there, you can see the AMAZING new video shot by Jeremy Mitchell Cinema. He did SUCH an amazing job.

In some exciting, related news, Ashley will be a part of the Jasmine Star Creative Live this weekend!! Huge high-fives to her … be sure to tune in to see 1/2 of the Jen & Ashley team!

Website Launch :: Jessica Norman

So excited to announce another website we’ve launched. The lovely miss Jessica Norman has been a joy to work with, and I am so happy to share her new site.

Overall, we wanted to make sure the site was really interactive & felt just as fun as the logo. I wanted to make it easy for people to navigate, so we kept a fun photo-navigation on the right side. The home page is complete with a scrolling gallery that introduces visitors to Jess! I built & designed the new site then implemented it through Showit, which means it’s super user friendly & easy to navigate.

Jess was really smart when it came to her head shots … She chose to wear colors that would go with the site, making the ‘about’ section look even cuter!

Lastly, we wanted a really fun contact page. We let the couples tell Jess a story instead of just filling out a standard form.

You can stop by the site by clicking here.

Website Launch :: Enroute Spa

Before moving to Portland, I had the most amazing opportunity to meet & become friends with Erin Humphreys … she’s has one of the most vibrant personalities of anyone I’ve ever met, and I am so lucky to call her my friend! Somehow, in the middle of lunch dates & hang outs, we managed to complete a project together!

Enroute Spa is Erin’s full-service spa located in the Indianapolis International Airport. This place is legit!! They have a passion for amazing customer service, and maintaining community partnerships through collaboration with local vendors. Their products are all natural & handmade with so much care. Erin & the spa were ready to put a new foot forward with it’s brand, so we did a complete overhaul of their branding materials, product photography & a brand new website. They already had their lovely logo, so it was a fun challenge to build everything around it.

I built & designed the new site then implemented it through Showit, which means it’s super user friendly & easy to navigate. Beyond that, it’s very fresh & reflective of the overall brand. Erin wanted a welcome note on the home page to invite guests into the experience, so we paired that with a moving wall of photos & sayings that tell a little more of the story.

Like I mentioned before, Erin & Enroute are really dedicated to locally sourced products as well as locally crafted jewelry & gifts they can sell in the spa. She wanted to create a little place for the creative community on the site, so we built a page for vendors to contact Erin & learn about the program.

I love the way the site turned out! Along with the site, we created an entire suite of stationery … postcards, flyers and pricing guides for the spa services. I love how much Enroute cares about the client experience, and it was such a joy to be a part of this project.

Website Launch :: Emilia Jane Photography

I am so excited to be sharing our latest project!

As you know, Emilia from Emilia Jane Photography came to us earlier this year for her brand identity redesign. Part of her project involved a website redesign to better reflect her style & personality. The site launched today, and we hope you’ll check it out!

We really focused on keeping things clean & streamlined for an easy user experience. Emilia’s clients are busy people, and she wanted to be sure she could deliver the information and her portfolio in a way that would be both striking & representative of her brand. The arrows played a big part in the site … by keeping them on each page, in a different way, it created a move interactive experience. Her “About Emilia” & “Contact Me” pages are full of personality! We wanted to create a site that’s anything but boring, and we love the result!

If you’re in the Chicago area and you want a photographer who will focus on your love (and bring out the best in the two of you), be sure to talk to Emilia.

We had such a blast working with Emilia during her entire project. Cheers to a girl who understands her brand and is working hard to meet rad clients & capture their most important moments.