Brand Identity : Lauren Rosenau

When I first shared the design board for Lauren Rosenau, we were still in the middle of her new logo design … I had no idea how much I’d be loving her new brand identity! As I mentioned before, Lauren is equal parts carefree, comfortable, and has such an eclectic heart … she wanted her brand to feel like home. To achieve this, we created a completely custom logo. The script was hand-drawn, and we chose this bright mustard to make it feel super fresh and fun.

I really love this round version too!

The hand-drawn script has been paired with a really lovely classic typeface for the rest of Lauren’s suite. I can’t wait to share the stationery we’re working on!

Until then, be sure to stop by Lauren’s site to say hello, and look at her amazing work!!


On Election Day …

It’s a big day for us … It’s Election Day! Living in Oregon means we vote via mail. While most of the country steps into a booth to cast their ballot, we were able to sit together on our couch & work through it all. Sadly, we don’t get the awesome stickers to declare we’ve done our civil duty (a right that SO MANY fought for so long). I am nervous about the outcome … I believe in human rights, and that was my main focus when making my decision. No matter the outcome, I hope all of us realize how lucky we are to live in a country where we have a choice. I love voting! Hoping all of you, no matter your choice, get out today and make your voice heard!

Stationery : Michelle Lange

At this point, I am almost ready to pack my bags and move to the east coast … sure, I’d miss my hubby, but I feel like my life would be full of sunshine if I were around Michelle Lange every day!! This girl is so bright & bubbly … I have loved her project so much.

Last week, her stationery suite left the studio (bittersweet). I was extra proud of this one … rubber stamps plus letterpress?!? YES PLEASE!

The suite included letterpress business cards, letterpress notecards, a custom logo stamp, and a custom pattern stamp. I love that pattern stamp! I decided that we couldn’t move forward without a metallic gold ink pad, and boy, I am so glad we went for it!

Since Michelle’s brand is really fresh & light, we used the striped pattern as a way to add a bit of whimsy & playfulness. By keeping the lines a little irregular, the lines aren’t too stuffy. The letterpress printing really picked up those (awesome imperfections. Printing on cotton makes my heart happy! Plus, gold business cards … yeah, Michelle is amazing!

Her logo stamp can be used on packaging & stationery, and the pattern stamp can be used anywhere!! I love it on the back of envelopes.

A Week In Review :: 11.2.12

Happy Friday … This is one of those weeks when Friday totally sneaked up! After being a bad blogger for some time, this week started a new pattern (blogging every week day). So far, so good. Here’s what happened this week:


1/ Happy Halloween. We didn’t dress up this year. It was the first time ever. But, we did visit Sauvie Island, and pick some tiny pumpkins. 2/ It’s election time. Excited about Oregon having mail-in ballots. I don’t care who you’re voting for, please go vote! 3/ Coffee with Brittany … coffee with friends is good for the soul. 4/ I was SO sad this morning when the tree trimmers started to cut down the tree outside of our apartment. But, I am really happy we snagged this giant leaf a bit ago. 5/ The rain has returned to Portland. While I was a little sad to see the sunshine go away, the rain brings a feeling of warmth & change that we welcomed. 6/ A new return address stamp for the studio arrived. After re-signing the lease, we thought it was totally appropriate. 7/ I finished knitting my first successful hat for Jim. 8/ It feels like fall. The leaves in our neighborhood are gorgeous right about now. 9/ My new obsession: Tazo Zen … I love starting my mornings or warming up in the afternoons with a cup of hot tea. 10/ With the colder weather, our apartment starts to show it’s 100 year-old age, and I love it. Follow me on Instagram.

In The Studio

It’s been a really rewarding week in the studio. I’m excited about a relaxing weekend with my hubby … Back to it all on Monday. Enjoy your Friday!!

The Independent Creative : Little Things

Hooray for a new post in my series for the independent creative. So far, I’ve dicussed:

I thought it would be fun to talk about something, well, FUN! So much of our journey in being an independent creative revolves around the business side of our business … like accounting, and project management. BUT, what about the part of your business that your client actually sees? … the part they feel? Today, I want to talk a bit about the little things you can do to enhance you brand experience.

We will be getting way more into your brand identity in a later post, but for now, let’s say you have a logo you absolutely love, but now you’re wondering what you could do with your brand identity to show professionalism, consistency, and make your clients say, “WOW!”.

Custom rubber stamps: I have raved and raved about rubber stamps on my site. Almost every client who works with me leaves our project with a little arsenal of stamps. Sure, I like the way stamps look, but really, it’s the versatility that I love so much. With one stamp, you could decorate your stationery, packaging, and goodies for clients. One change of the ink color can give a branding piece a completely different look.

Premium Envelopes & Packaging: Using beautiful envelopes & packaging is another way to present your work in a professional way. With so much of the creative industry switching to digital (whether it’s photography, email, etc.), there’s something to be said about the tangible goods our client’s receive. Paper Source is my favorite place for beautiful envelopes (nearly every size/color you could imagine). When sending items like dvd’s or other products, it’s great to present them in packaging that speaks to your brand. I love referring clients to Bags & Bows Online, Kraft & Jute, and Uline for packaging. Again, by picking a packing system for your brand, you’re creating consistency.

Handwritten Correspondence: This goes hand-in-hand with the personalized packaging … Sending hand-written correspondence to your clients makes them feel special. Pairing a hand-written card with a beautiful envelope, and sealing it with a little stamp is a branded piece that goes a long way.

Buy a Domain: Out of everything, this is probably the least expensive way to add major brand power. When a client gets an email from it looks less professional than … The same can be said with sending your client to your blog with a WordPress address versus your own address. Buying a domain is easy, inexpensive, and gives you the opportunity to own your brand. is my favorite place to buy domains. Their customer service is out of this world.

Business Cards: Aside from networking events, business cards are an amazing way to ask for referrals. Some people have a really hard time asking their clients to refer them to their friends. Sure, once they’ve had an amazing experience, they will be singing your praises, but your business cards might give you a little confidence to ask. After working with a client, and delivering their products (or thank you card), it’s perfectly appropriate to put a few cards in the envelope with a little note telling them how much you loved working with them, and that you love referrals. The cards might sit in a drawer all year, but what’s more likely is that you’ll remind them of their excellent experience, and you’ll be at the front of their brain next time they talk about the kind of services you provide.

Consistency: Above everything, having these pieces to carry the message of your brand will create consistency. Clients love an experience they can count on. When you’ve educated them about how personal working with an independent creative can be, it helps your entire industry.

They Remember You: I always say that it’s not about being better than everyone else, it’s about your clients knowing that you’re the only one who can do what you do. Anything you can do to establish brand power and brand recognition is a huge plus. So many memories are triggered by our senses, and the correspondence with your clients is a great way to create positive memories.

It Shows That You Care: Sure, a $1.25 card & a stamp doesn’t really cost much on your end, but to your client, it’s much more than the small investment. They see that you’ve taken time to invest in your brand … to invest in their experience. They could have chosen anyone, but they chose to work with you … and just as easily, they could choose someone else next time. It’s about reminding them that you are the perfect fit for their needs. When you care, they remember it!

As you can see, I don’t put a beautiful brand identity above a wonderful customer experience. While having a beautiful physical representation of your brand is important, the care you show your clients is what they will remember most. What little things have you done to create a personalized experience for your clients? Is there anything I didn’t cover here that you’ve found super helpful? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.

My next post in The Independent Creative series will be a guest post!! So excited to invite my first contributor to the blog. It’s sure to be a great post!!

Website Launch : Jim & Ravyn Photographers

I am so SO excited about this post! Most of you probably know that I am a designer AND a photographer, but for those of you who thought this was my only place on the InTerwEbZ (really, cool, right?), I am excited to tell you about my other love: Jim & Ravyn Photographers.

Back in 2009, my husband, Jim, and I launched our wedding photography business … We had no idea at the time how lucky we would be in such a short period of time. It’s not that we had TONS of business, but the couples we’ve been so lucky to work with have been nothing short of AMAZING. Since we launched our business, we’ve grown (both as a married couple and as photographers) … we even packed up our business and moved across the country to Portland, Oregon. Since landing here, we’ve met some amazing friends & worked with some of the coolest people ever. EVER. BUT, our old site sucked. I cringed when I looked at it … and that’s no good. So, over the past few months, we’ve been working on a re-brand (focusing on our target clients, our experience, and the look of our brand identity). After it all, we are happy to launch the new site today.

We wrote a bit about the process over on the Jim & Ravyn blog, so be sure to check it out.

For now, here are a few screen shots from the new site!! I love it so much.

I am so happy that my birth photography, Little Joy, has a place on our new site. I believe in birth … it’s beautiful, and I love documenting these beautiful moments for the families I work with.

We are also stoked that our travels are showcased on the site. We have been sharing our personal adventures over on our personal blog for some time, but it was important that we shared that side of our life on our photography site.

We are so excited about this launch. There’s a saying that goes something like the cobbler’s children never have new shoes … and that’s how we were feeling. I sort of feel like our baby (business) is wearing a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s right now!




That’s Inspiring :: In Bed

Happiest of Mondays to you! I hope you had an amazing weekend. Even though it was rainy here in Portland, we made the most of it! We spent our weekend out in Newberg, Ore. with our dear friends … we watched some football and went wine tasting.

Lately, I’ve been gathering inspiration from around the web, and putting it here. It’s a great way to reflect on what I’m really drawn to … and it’s been fun to start this collection of photographs. This week, I noticed there are a ton of images of unmade beds … Maybe it’s the changing weather … maybe it’s just that the images are so warm & cozy. I thought I’d share a few photographs that have inspired me lately.